Vocational Training

EMTTN will be assisting nationals in the development of a vocational training village in a rural area outside the main city. These projects will range from 25 to 75 acres and will consist of 3 general areas.

Community Grounds

Community grounds that offer church, school, medical clinic, village store, access to clean water well, playground, ball fields, fishing pond, community garden, Artisan sales center.

Working Grounds

Working Grounds, Aquaponics fish farm, animal husbandry, agriculture, food processing, tree farm, bee keeping, construction, A mock hotel, And housing. Each section of area 2 will have a staff house along with 3 houses for members working in area 1. These houses will also shelter one widow and five orphans each so each house will be built by the national to facilitate 2 families.

Rehabilitation Center

This center will be separated from the rest and provide food and shelter for those national suffering from addictions and housing and rehabilitation for those coming out of sexual trafficking. One these individuals have passed whatever there criteria will be they can be train and put into the workplace.

The community grounds will be opened daily were all community is welcome to come and enjoy a safe place. The mock hotel will provide housing for our short term teams as well as training for the national in hospitality management. Computer skills, POS management. English language skills. We hope that the training for these will allow them to get positions in the many hotels around the tourist areas as well as to make sure are guest that are on short term for training nationals are comfortable and well cared for.

The construction team is made up of national trained in the skill of building buildings. Once we obtain the equipment needed to our infrastructure like brick making machines that can produce 1500 stackable bricks per day. Tractors, cement mixer, power tools. They will build their village buildings and then they will be hired out to build for others.

From the farm side there will tilapia at an anticipated rate of 1500 lbs. per week. Beef, goat, chicken, pig, catfish, worms, honey, fruits and vegetables. Many of these items will be processed and packed into a marketable foo product as well as sold whole in the market.