Eight years ago Shawna and I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Barnabas Mtukombalie. At that time he was the assistant bishop of the national evangelical church T. A. G. Tanzania Assemblies of God. This man captured our hearts and God began to develop a relationship working with Barnabus in church planting for Tanzania we discovered that the national church was sending senior pastors and teachers to The International School of Theology in El Monte California. We began to host these students in our home on their breaks and learned much of their culture, Their Ideals and their commitment to elevating poverty and shearing the gospel for their country. We have built very deep and loving relationships with many Tanzanians over the past 8 years.

What we really didn’t know was that God was developing these relationships through are obedience to serve for His God size plan in our lives. When you are willing and available God allows you to join Him on some very incredible adventures.

God has given me a vision to reach the nationals and unreached Muslim in the slums of Dar Es Salam by starting a vocational skills training center in different buildings throughout the city and a 60 acre training village in the near suburb.


But why?

Dar has its religions divided among Christians, Evangelicals, Muslims and National religions. The first missions came in the late 18th century. From Rome the Catholics built there diocese in 1887. Then the Germans built there Lutheran Diocese in 1898. The Evangelicals came in 1928 through the Assemblies of God and the National Church was created. T.A.G. Tanzania Assemblies of God.

To date religion is divided as follows 35% Muslim, 35% Indigenous, 30% Christian. Of the Christian religion there is 17% Evangelical.


“And let our people also learn to maintain good works, to meet the urgent needs, that they may not be unfruitful” Titus 3:14

One of the big problems for this city is that 70% of its residence lives in informal, unplanned settlements that lack infrastructure and services. Over half of the people survive on less than one dollar per day. Clean water is a high commodity.

When people have to spend their entire day working to put food in their family’s belly. Every day for that day alone. It becomes hard for them to understand and embrace a loving and caring God.


We were working in Alamos Mexico serving with Rancho Maranatha. Donation money coming from America had been on a steady decline so we were praying about how we could help the villages we are working develop a sustainable means of survival. That night I had a clear vision. I saw a Community centered village that had fish ponds agriculture, livestock, cultural artisan crafts and products, ethnic prepared foods a small village market, sports field with many people playing. With lots of people building relationships, Doing business having family time and in the middle of it all Jesus was there. Those that did not know Jesus were personally introduced to Him in actions and deeds out of love.

When I shared this vision with pastor Dan his comment to me was “Brother if God showed it to you than you are the one he chose to carry it through” Now I know nothing about fish farms or farming in general nor do I know how to develop a community center but being obedient I went to UTUBE to learn. We helped to develop aquaponic systems and worked in Mexico and in Hattie. Through a lot of hardship dead fish destroyed crops and determination a new beginning can be seen.

We are so blessed to have met another brother in Christ three years ago Samwell Mollel. He is at this time completing is Doctorates in transformational leadership with an emphasis’s on spiritual formation. We have partnered with Samwell to form a NGO and with him and his church board our hopes are to empower the Christian nations by training them to teach others. Some subjects will be English language, computer skills, food services, aquaponics, animal Husbandry, Farming, medical services and many other trades.

We have found that in this intercity region the communities are proud to be Tanzanian and put their livelihood before their religion. When training programs are offered they will come and through the building of relationships in love. Our hope is that questions about our God will be asked and opportunity to share is open.


For this first phase of the program for Tanzania we are assisting in developing classrooms in a school project that their church is building across the street. We are excited to have already funded the placement of 6 sewing machines for a sewing class. The first week 17 students enrolled. that are paying a fee to attend. These funds pay the salary of the teachers. At graduation these students who are willing to join a group of 5 will receive a loan to buy their own machine and some fabric to start their own business. The loans will have a simple interest placed on them and a year to pay back in small weekly increments. This is where accountability and discipleship comes in. The Christian national will have opportunity to engage in love with the Muslins in their groups. These Muslims will get a chance to see Gods love. This is the model that most of training will follow.

In thinking through how we would continue, Create awareness and Fund our project we felt the need to open a public 501c3. So nonprofit called EMTTN. (see attachment )
This July we are taking a short team of 16 to meet with the national Christians. 10 of our team are young adults and it is arranged for them to lead a VBS for about 300 Muslim children. They will be assisted by the young adult nationals. Their VBS will include feeding these children a good meal. This meal will be cooked in meat smokers we are bringing to teach some adults a efficient means of cooking a lot of tender meat in a short time with little effort and a small amount of charcoal. This will start 3 families in their own street restaurants or food service business.

One team member is coming to train in silk screening t shirts and small signs. We will have enough equipment for this project to employ about 10 to start. Another is to train in making kettle popcorn that will employ about 20 And we are bringing enough computers to equip a class room for 8 students at a time in learning English or business skill. This will employ 3 to 6 instructors and be used as a internet café when school is not in use.

We will also be setting up the medical clinic with a computer system and equipping the school, medical clinic and church compound with WI Fi ability.

We also have several well projects going into neighboring villages of unreached people groups through a partnership with Water for a Billion.

Our overall goal is to just provide a means for our friends to transform their community and for them to be able to reach out to their neighbors with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.