Urban Farm

Urban FarmWe have obtained and will develop a 10 acre urban farm project outside the city of Dar Es Salam. Urban agricultural production contributes a large portion of the food source for the developing cities. And offers much for community transformation and the nutritional enrichment of the urban poor.

Needs for the farm:

Construction of a fence around the property for reasons of security against thieves and predator animals. Cost of the Fence will run $3000.00

We are to add a small house again for security and a place to live for the nationals that will be trained in Urban Farming Development. Cost to build a house runs $ 8000.00

At the current time we are growing casaba melons, which are a staple in the diets of the nationals in Dar es Salam.

We will train in raising free range organic chickens. Our first batch of baby’s was just hatched 6-12-2016. We are excited for this to work. Putting the chicks in range cages keeps them safe from predators and helps to control their diet. Cost to build cages runs $400.00 ea. They each house 40 chickens and we hope to cycle 6 cages.

A chicken coop will be constructed for lay hens with 2 rooms. 1 for fertilized chickens and 1 for eggs to be used in food consumption.

Bees flow hives. We are delivering our first flow hive this July. The hives are a newer technology designed to be able to harvest the honey without disturbing the bees. Each hive can produce 8 gallons of honey per year and we hope to have 8 hives. The cost of the hives with shipping is $600.00.

Fish ponds. Our goal is as soon as we get the crops , chickens and bees started we will dig out ponds for the Aquaponics system. This system will used to produce upwards of 1500 lb of fish every month and will support the fertilization of a 5 acre garden. These gardens produce and an incredible amount of organic produce. This system will cost approximately 18,000. To build including pumps, concrete , solar power, back up generator.

Other crops. The gravel tables in the Aquaponics also allows us to grow many starter trees for use in growing orchards for nuts, fruits, and medicinal trees.

New baby chicks born in Africa part of Emattan urban farming project.

Tshirt Printing

The seed was $300,000 and now they have $353,000, after expenses.The three young men are committed to this project. The challenge is marketing. They don’t have orders yet. They are trying to market the service. There is also a plan to print T-shirts and sell them. They have done 19 samples that are available here.

Kettle Corn

EMATTAN2There are five people who are involved in this project. They have started making a little living. The packaging is an obstacle for this business. It has a high potential to grow.


The church members come and borrow the money and do their business of their own choice. We are currently lending in Dar Es Salaam. These funds go directly to individuals that have the ability but not the means to start their own business.

The following are the few people who took loans and prove the system works:

Salome Mbwinyo - she started a Kiosk where she sell vegetables, fruits, she took a loan and she increased her capital.

Amani Iddi - Owns a Motor Cycle Transportation. He took a loan to improve his project. He was also able to start paying back his loan in a weekly basis.

Alphonce Mataka - He is a carpenter. He got a special tender to make desks for a school and he had no way to make them. He took a loan and for one month he finished making the desks and He got his pay check. He paid back the amount he borrowed with interest.

Bupe Kibona - has her business of loaning movie dvd and music cds. She took a loan to get more newer dvds. She has increased her income and she is able to pay back the Loan.

Christiana Ngayahika - started selling water business. She reserves water in tanks and sell to local community. She was able to install new pipes and the sale is going well and she is also able to start paying the loan back.

Julieth Kasweswe - started a small business of frying and selling fish. She buys whole sale fresh fish and fries them and sales to her local community people. She is doing well we found her container had few left fish. She is able to repay back her loan in weekly basis.

Paulina Ngeseni - She uses her loan to buy used clothes in a retail market and go around the city to sell them. She is doing well and she is also able to start paying back her loan in weekly basis.

Bwinyo - keeps cows the load helped him to make better his cow project.

Regina with her Husband Matembo - own a boost for selling used clothes. They were able to increase the capital and be able to buy more clothe.

5 others - we could not get their information but they have been faithful to re-pay back their loan as agreed.

Computer Training

slider02The class is intended for kids in school. The kids are taught basic about the computer. It seems that having this class increased the interest of many parents and the enrollment will increase 55 kids to 87.

NEEDS: Computer donations, internet sponsor, printer donations Find out how you can donate, click here.

Tayloring School

There are 11 students, but the challenge is the funding for the teacher.

Music Recording Studio

Needed is more equipment and some sound proofing so the Music artists in the Dar Es Salaam region can record their
music and sell their CDs.

Needed to Complete: $3800.00

Urban Farm

Next phase: A Chicken Breeding Center for lay Hens and meat Chickens and eggs

Needed to Complete: $2400.00

Vocational Skills Training Center

Purchase property in Dar Es Salaam

Cost to Purchase: $200,000

Fish Farm and Training Center

Purchase property in Mwanza

Cost to Complete: $50,000

Brick Making Machine

This will assist in building the schools and housing for the centers as well as teaching a construction crew


For construction and training

There are many other needs, and it is a big project overall,
but with lots of support we know it can happen.